Virtual Set Design

Design Corps specialise in the design and creation of bespoke virtual sets and backdrops for use with the NewTek TriCaster system and are official members of the NewTek Developer Network.


Virtual sets are an excellent way to have your own impressive studio set but without any of the overheads of actually building a real-world one. Our 3D sets are designed and rendered to the highest standard and are full of all of the tiny details that help sell them as a ‘real’ image. We also offer studio backdrops in still or animated format and traditional animation services like 3D video and motion graphics.

The accomplished set design team at Design Corps will work with you from the initial meeting and sketching stage through to full concepts and spatial models to the final detail stage. We can advise on the best angles to work with based on the available space in your physical set and provide previews of what the angles will look like in the virtual set, we can even match your lighting setup to ensure a seamless fit when the talent is placed in the set!

We also offer a range of stock virtual sets available to purchase immediately (contact us for more info, online store coming soon!). The sets are provided with a variety of angles and features and if they are not quite right for your broadcast we can customise them for you. All sets are provided in either HD or 4K resolution and are ready to use with the Tricaster VSE.


  • Broadcast
  • Corporate Communications
  • Web Channels
  • Newsletters

The above list is not exhaustive and is intended to give you an idea of the type of projects we work on; to find out more or to talk to us about your project get in touch here.