3D Visualisation

Design Corps’ 3D Visualisation service is a great way to show how things work, highlight complex details, showcase products that are still on the drawing board and visualise the impossible.



3D Visualisation (CGI) is an incredibly versatile way of creating photorealistic images for use in a wide range of media. 3D Visualisation gives you the ability to get high-quality images of a design, model or plan without any manufacturing costs. We can work with the CAD data used in the design (or, if this is not available, they can be modelled from scratch) and build them into a virtual photo studio. The model can then be textured, lit and ‘photographed’ from as many camera angles as required; all this is set up with accurate real-world values to enhance realism, resulting in stunning images for products that don’t actually exist yet.

This process can come in just as useful for products that do exist as, once the 3D model is built, you can make adjustments to the materials used in it very easily. If you want to see your product with a different finish – say black anodised metal instead of brushed aluminium – then we can create a new texture, plug it into the model and it’s done. You can see what products look like with ANY combination of finishes, materials and colours you care to think of and all without having to have them manufactured individually. The same goes for the lighting, this can be changed quickly, giving you the ability to pick and choose from a wide range of moods. The backgrounds can all be changed as well, if you would rather have your product shot ‘in-situ’ than in a photo studio then we can work with you to shoot a variety a real-world backplates which are then composited in with the 3D model.

Another very useful aspect of using 3D visualisation is the ability to create images with a different feel altogether. This process is called Non-Photorealistic Rendering (NPR) and with it you can produce images that look like they have been hand-drawn or painted, you can even produce technical line-drawings or exploded diagrams – and all using the same 3D model.


  • Product Designers
  • Architects
  • Science
  • Engineering
  • Town Planning
  • Infrastructure
  • Events and Exhibitions

The above list is not exhaustive and is intended to give you an idea of the type of projects we work on; to find out more or to talk to us about your project get in touch here.