3D Animation

Design Corps’ animation team can help you create compelling, easily understood videos that communicate complex ideas and show processes that would be impossible to film.



Our 3D Animation service is the perfect way to create videos that grab the attention of your customers. Using the same amazing technical skill, experience and artistry put into our 3D Visualisation service, our animation team bring your ideas to life no matter how complex they may be; from heavily stylised, brand and corporate work to incredibly detailed, photorealistic technical videos.

We can work with your existing CAD, engineering, molecule or protein data to develop the models and scenes for your project as quickly as possible; if you don’t have any of that then we can model everything from scratch to the specification and reference you provide. Everything is then textured and lit using real-world values to ensure a visually stunning result.

Design Corps can work as technical specialists, helping you out on specific aspects of your project; or we can work with you as a full-service agency, offering support with every part of the animation process – from concept work, storyboarding and professional script writing to voiceovers, live-action filming, compositing and post-processing.


  • Technical/Engineering
  • Corporate and Brand
  • Fly-Throughs
  • Science
  • Architecture
  • Town Planning
  • Infrastructure
  • Events and Exhibitions

The above list is not exhaustive and is intended to give you an idea of the type of projects we work on; to find out more or to talk to us about your project get in touch here.