360 & VR

From immersive virtual tours to interactive films and animation, Design Corps are at the forefront of this exciting new technology.


There have been a few immersive technologies emerging over the last few years (stereoscopic 3D, augmented reality etc.) but while they have their strengths the one thing holding them back was always the need for a ‘barrier’ (3d glasses, a smartphone, app or QR code) between the viewer and the end result. This barrier added just too much fiddling around for most viewers so they were never really embraced as much as they could have been.

That’s where we think VR is different; any phone, tablet or computer can display a 360 photo or video and even though the best VR experiences will always be had with a headset (which is a pretty hefty barrier in itself!) they can also be enjoyed without one. This is a huge benefit as it means the vast majority of viewers will face no barrier if they want to view VR content, and if they want to go the whole hog and view it with a headset then all the better!

Design Corps offer a number of VR services; from 360 photography, filming and animation using our 8k insta360 Pro camera to building truly interactive 3D experiences with Unreal Engine.

360 Photography:
We are accredited with Google as trusted 360 photography pros and can help bring your customers inside your business with a virtual tour on the world’s most used 360 platform; Google Street View. A recent Ipsos study showed that 44% of consumers use mapping products (like Street View) to check out new businesses, 41% of these searches result in an on-site visit and listings with photos and a virtual tour are twice as likely to generate interest…and you can see why, Street View has revolutionised the way people find directions and scope out areas before they make a trip, being able to check a shop, restaurant or hotel in the same way is incredibly powerful. Check out the sample image from a recent shoot below, if you would like to see more just let us know.

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360 Film & Animation:
As we are also a video production and animation agency we can go one step further and offer filming in 360. This is a great way to get your customers engaged as it puts them at the centre of what your business is all about; whatever that may be! An additional layer to this is to add custom animation to further enhance the experience and draw the viewers eye to particular areas of interest.

To find out more about our 360 Film & Animation services enquire here.

VR Experiences:
Fully interactive VR experiences with detailed 3D models can be explored, adjusted, configured and, well, just about anything else you can imagine! We build our VR experiences in Unreal Engine which was originally developed for games but has been embraced by a wider audience due to the level of detail and photo-realism that can now be achieved with it. Experiences can be anything from a ‘walk around’ of a product, a detailed build of industrial equipment that can be operated and pulled apart to show features or a fully explorable layout of an office or housing development. Within the experience details such as time of day, lighting and material finishes can be setup for configuration in real-time which can really help a customer visualise something during the purchase process.

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