Wellington Street ArchViz

CLIENT: The District / Bland Brown & Cole

Cambridge based design agency The District needed a CGI Visualisation for a new project being developed by their client. The final image was used across a wide range of media including postcard mailouts and huge banners draped on the building itself.

I have mentioned before on this site that I’m a big fan of architecture, so every ArchViz job is a real treat for me and this one was no exception. I worked closely with both the architects and designers, creating an accurate image of what the completed building will look like right down to the window fittings, sitework and plants and shrubs.

The 3D model was developed from Autocad files supplied by the architect, I imported them into 3DS Max for reference whilst building the model. Once the model was complete I sent a series of ‘clay renders’ over, with important areas highlighted, for discussion and to decide on the camera angle we would use. The next stage was texturing and fine-tuning the lighting setup, after that I added the extra details – sitework and planting etc before sending a final test over for approval.

I rendered everything in Mental Ray (as always) and saved a series of passes (beauty, ambient occlusion, Z-Depth) out in the OpenEXR format. Initial compositing was done in After Effects before moving over to Photoshop for final details like entourage.

The final image was supplied to the guys at The District and had some additional post-processing to give it a ‘lomo’ feel as this was the established style for the rest of the imagery in this project.

The completed CGI can be seen in the gallery below along with some of the development renders and passes.