The Rib Chair


Why is it that designers, in general, have a fondness for chairs? Is it because we spend so long sitting on the things we come to appreciate the more elegant, stylish and interesting examples over normal ones? Or is it just that designers tend to love beautifully designed things? Well, whatever the reason, I know I’m no different and this fondness shows up as many scribbled ideas in my sketchbooks.

Unfortunately (for me anyway) that is where it ends as I am not particularly adept at building things; designing them or building them in virtual space is fine, it’s just reality that’s the tricky part. To counter my ineptitude I started thinking of ideas that could be either 3D printed or CNC routed in sections and then easily put together, after much scribbling and a few iterations on a theme I came up with this.

I liked the curves and interlocking shape of this design, it can be turned around so that it is a rocking chair (as shown) or a normal chair (with the flat section on the floor). The sections (ribs) are all held together by steel rods with nuts at either end and spacers in between the ribs and, since each rib is exactly the same, the chair can be any width you like.

Even though the design is so simple these images are still as close as I’ve got to reality, maybe one day I’ll actually get the thing made and find out if it works!