Illustrata Brochure

CLIENT: ProQuest

The second part of the Illustrata project for ProQuest was the design of a 4pp brochure with more information on the product and how it can help researchers.

We worked up a number of initial concepts for the cover (see a selection of concepts in the gallery below) before settling on a ‘code wheel’ idea that expands nicely on the concept we came up with for the logo. The ‘code wheel’ is made up of a selection of key phrases relating to Illustrata, the phrases have 3 levels of ‘weighting’ to show relevance which is also an aspect of how the system deals with actual search queries.

We designed the initial brochure as a portrait A4 but there was also a requirement to redesign it for screen format (as it would be widely shared over email), personally I really like the screen format one so that’s the version you will find below.