Festive House CGI


This self-promotional piece, which you may have seen appear on the blog,  was created to showcase my 3D Visualisation work.

This one was great fun to work on as I had complete freedom to tweak the details until I had precisely the effect I was after; which was mainly a really cosy, inviting image. I played around with a few different layouts and furniture combinations before settling on this one; that’s the great thing about doing work like this in 3D, I could change my mind about furniture placement as much as I liked and not once did swapping all that furniture around give me a bad back!

I think the most enjoyable part of this project was modelling the environment; things have come on a long way in the last few years, it wasn’t so long ago that foliage was almost impossible to model accurately in 3D, now you can have scenes like this with hundreds of instanced trees, bushes, rocks, pebbles and blades of grass…all of which really adds to the realism of a scene.

Festive House