3D-Hub Website

CLIENT: 3D-Hub / White Space Productions

After creating the identity for 3D-Hub the next stage was the website. This project evolved significantly from the original concept and at every stage we were able to offer advice, rework the designs and come up with new versions quickly and efficiently. The project started out as a custom wordpress theme with off-the-shelf plugins to manage the store front; however, as the project progressed and the complexity of the site grew it became clear that WP was not the right way to go and that, to do everything that was required, we would instead have to build a completely bespoke CMS from the ground up.

We worked closely with White Space to define the content of the site and created extensive wireframes of the site for testing, front-end designs were then created and the coding work began. Obviously creating a custom system like this is no small task, but it meant that the site had exactly the components we wanted with no unnecessary code (which means it’s nice and fast) and if a new feature is required it can be added to the existing system with a minimum of fuss.

The website launch was a resounding success and, since then, has continued to evolve and have new components added; as of writing it includes the following features:

–          7 user account types (admin, manager, basic, contributor etc.)

–          Comprehensive reporting

–          Account profiles, statements and download history

–          CMS control for specific areas of the site (home page, store, hardware etc.)

–          Credit purchase system

–          Press release area

–          DRM of all content so that it is locked to a user account

More features are being added all of the time and this project continues to develop in interesting and exciting ways, there are some sample images in the gallery below but for the full experience have a look at the site and see what you think.