3D-Hub Identity

CLIENT: 3D-Hub / White Space Productions

Events agency White Space Productions (old friends of ours) needed a suitably compelling identity creating for their new venture 3D-Hub. This cool bit of software uses the processing grunt of modern GPUs to deliver engaging, fully interactive 3D content that can be switched from 2D projection to stereo 3D at the touch of a button!

Primarily aimed at the education market (click here to read how much of an impact 3D content can have on learning) the offering is twofold, the 3D-Hub Player is the software that drives the content and the 3D-Hub website holds a growing catalogue of lessons and videos that can be purchased and added to a school’s library.

The identity we created is clean, modern and has a ‘3D’ device (literally, it’s 3 ‘D’s layered over one another!) that simulates depth. This was a really cool project to work on, not only because it’s always good to work with the guys at White Space, but also because the product itself is so interesting. The next part of this project was the website design which you can read about here.

You can see the design in it’s various guises in the gallery below.