A long overdue update

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So it’s been quite some time since we last posted an update (almost 3 years!) and there are a lot of reasons for this; the main one being that we’ve just been incredibly busy (which we’re totally not complaining about) but also because a lot of our posts can get pretty technical and, before you know it, that ‘quick’ post you were going to make has taken days to craft, edit, check and add graphics to.

But no more! This year we’re going to make a concerted effort to get simpler, shorter posts out that cover some of the great stuff we’ve been doing over the past couple of years and the new areas we have expanded into. So keep an eye out for more info on our adventures in 360 photography and filming, VR, real-time visualisation in Unreal Engine (did we mention we’d had our work included in the global enterprise showreel for Unreal? Oh yeah, no posts for nearly 3 years…tsk), interactive touch-screen experiences and app development.

Hopefully that lot will give us something to talk about; plus this post didn’t take days so we’re off to a great start!

Design Corps Joins the NewTek Developer Network

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Design Corps officially joined the NewTek Developer Network today to offer a range of unique, user-customisable virtual set designs for use with NewTek TriCaster multi-camera video production systems.

Design Corps, a UK-based creative agency providing design, visualisation, animation and interactive services to clients worldwide, are pleased to announce their collaboration with NewTek through the NewTek Developer Network.

Design Corps provide a range of unique virtual sets for use with TriCaster systems and the Virtual Set Editor (VSE). The sets come with user-customisable features and are supplied ready to use. Design Corps also offer extended customisation on existing sets as well as a bespoke design service so that clients can have a set that is truly unique to them.

Virtual sets are an excellent way to have your own impressive studio set but without any of the overheads of actually building a real-world one. Design Corps’ sets are designed and rendered to the highest standard and are full of all of the tiny details that help sell them as a ‘real’ image.  A virtual set can be customised to increase ROI and can be easily replaced with a new design when the time is right for an update.

Michael Kornet, executive vice president of Business Development for NewTek said, “We are pleased to welcome Design Corps into the NewTek Developer Network. Virtual sets provide video producers an incredible opportunity to add high production value at a minimum cost. Design Corps provides Tricaster users with unlimited creative possibilities to customize their virtual sets to enhance their brands and distinguish themselves to their audience.”

Chris Trill, MD of Design Corps said “We are extremely excited to be joining the NewTek Developer Network. We think we have a unique approach to set design due to our background in visualisation for Architecture and Engineering and we’re looking forward to working with the global network of TriCaster users on some great sets.”



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International 3D community magazine 3D Artist asked me to write an expanded version of my iPhone texture photography tip recently and, of course, I jumped at the chance. It was great fun writing it and I even developed a few new methods as I was creating the files to go on the CD.

Now don’t just rush out to buy the mag because I’m in it, there’s also an excellent interview with concept vehicle designer Daniel Simon, a BTS article with WETA Digital on Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and a great article on VR headsets; for a detailed listing of what’s in the magazine click here. You can pick the magazine up from all good newsagents (Ha! Always wanted to say that) or order it from their online store here.

As before if anyone uses this approach in their work I’d love to hear about it and see the results!

3D-Artist-01 3D-Artist-02

A Drop in the Ocean

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One of the things I really enjoy in CG work is making textures, it’s really satisfying to go through the whole process of creating one from scratch and then getting a render that looks great because of it. Since I make quite a few of these on each project I work on I thought it might be cool to get a bit extra out of them by putting a few up for sale.

I had a look round at the various places that offered such things (as I really didn’t want to add a ‘store’ to this site) and eventually decided on the one I liked the best.  3D Ocean is an arm of Envato (who I first found through their excellent Tuts+ sites) which deals specifically in, you guessed it, assets for 3D work. I have purchased a few things from them in the past, most notably Peter Guthrie’s excellent HDRI skydomes, and they have a consistent high quality with all of the stuff they offer. So one quick questionnaire later and I was an accepted author on the site.

Typically though, when it came to ‘just’ packaging up some of those textures I’d already made, I looked at them again and decided that I wanted to improve them that little bit more. So the idea of doing this ‘quickly’ soon faded, but I have put together a few nice textures now even if I do say so myself! At the moment there are a grand total of 4 (count em) textures on there with a load more I’m working on in between projects; they are:

Old Stone Wall
Short Dry Grass
Yew Tree Bark
Small Bathroom Tiles

So if you’re in the market for any one of those 4 very specific textures you know where to look! Hopefully I’ll keep adding to them regularly and start getting a few specific sets up, I also plan to put a few textures up here for free so keep an eye out in the ‘free stuff’ section 🙂


New Site Design

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As you may have noticed (unless you’re a new visitor, in which case, hi!) the website has had something of an overhaul. Aside from the obvious graphics changes (and lovely full screen images) I’ve simplified things and made it all a lot easier to navigate. The old website hadn’t had any updates in a while (as you can see from the date on the previous post!), mainly because I was working on this in my spare time and was incredibly busy with actual work – so look out for new stuff in the portfolio section as well as a bit more activity on the blog (I hope).


Free CGI Stock Images

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We are always trying to hone our CGI skills further by trying out new techniques, software, plugins and ideas; we think this is a critical part of our business as it ensures the product and results we offer our clients are of a consistently high quality.

But in the process of all of this training and exploration of ideas we create many 3D scenes and setups that never really see the light of day…which is a shame. So, to rectify that, we thought we would set up a downloads section of the site where people can have a look at the rendered images and download them to use however they like. And how much are they? Nothing, we’re giving them away for free!

So have a look at the new downloads section, we will be expanding it further in the future with more CGI renders and will possibly include tutorials and scene files for 3DS Max, After Effects, Photoshop etc. If you use one of our 3D renders on a project we would love it if you let us know, this isn’t a rule or a requirement…just a friendly suggestion 🙂

If there are any specific 3D visualisation or animation projects you would like to talk to us about then get in touch on +44 (0) 777 6231609 or send us an email.


Design Corps on iStock

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We have recently been accepted to list some of our 3D artwork on the world’s largest royalty-free photography website; iStockphoto. We have uploaded 4 high-quality concept images so far and that’s just the beginning!

If you have any requests for imagery or would like a variation on any of the current files then get in touch.

You can view our iStockphoto portfolio here.


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…to the Design Corps website and blog.

Things are still pretty fresh around here but in the coming weeks and months we will be adding a lot more content, a lot more work and a lot more opinion on the things that are important to us as a group.

If there is anything you would like to discuss with us then please get in touch via the contact page.