Logo Design

By Design Corps / May, 5, 2010 / 0 comments

This month’s issue of Creative Review had a couple of interesting articles about logo design that got me thinking about the design process and the way I have always approached branding projects.

Let’s start by stating the obvious in that I love a clever logo; the opportunity to come up with a visual representation of what a company offers and make it clever yet simple is one to relish. I think many logos are too fussy, complicated and reliant on colour or images (the point, in fact, of one of the articles about ‘receptacle logos’) for me a logo should be just as effective in mono as it is in all of it’s full colour glory.

That’s why I always start the logo design process in single colour, I find that by giving yourself that restriction you focus on the form and the idea without distraction. Of course you always give the client options in colour, I’m not for one moment suggesting that all logos should be rendered in black or white! But adding colour to a strong identity will only make it stronger; removing colour from an identity reliant upon it will have the opposite effect.

There were a few good points in the articles (by CR editor Patrick Burgoyne and Pentagram designer Paula Scher) and it’s certainly well worth a read.